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These tips will give you a full picture of the needs of your garage door.

Checking door close sensitivity

If the garage door does not close, then it is better to check the sensitivity of the opener. First pull the emergency release and disconnect the opener. Check the door balance, if it's difficult to open or close, then there is no problem with the opener. If the door works well then adjust the sensitivity but do not increase it too much.

Check the cables

Garage door repair technicians recommend checking the cables every now and then for signs of damage. Cables are fixed to a spring system at the bottom bracket on both sides of the door. The springs are constantly under tension and if the cables break, it can cause fatal accidents. So prevent this by checking and reporting them to our experts.

Garage door cable replacement

According to our professional technicians at Garage Door Repair Covina, the average length of a cable is 7-8 feet. Before replacing cables, existing springs must be removed first. The cable must be placed in the right direction to function. Make sure the winding is complete before the springs are stretched to ensure that the shaft floats freely.

Choosing garage doors for business

Choose the door that suits the need of the business. Consider the budget and the overall cost including installation. Give importance to safety and security especially if the commercial area is huge. Garage Door Repair Covina experts recommend considering durability of the materials used to make it last longer.

Get an opener with rolling code technology for higher security

This technology puts an end to the need for changing the code manually. It does this automatically every time after the door has been opened with the remote. The technicians of our garage door repair company in Covina explain that this practically eliminates the risk of a potential intruder guessing the code to get inside.

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