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The preventive measures on your garage door maintenance

03/16/2014 Back To Blog

Garage door maintenance

The preventive measures on your garage door maintenanceA garage door may look quite simple but it is a complex system. Garage door maintenance should therefore not be left to chances. In Covina, the following are the preventive measures on your garage door maintenance;

Have a service man to check on you door once an year

A garage door has strings, cables and opener that coordinate to lift and lower a lot of weight of the garage door. The garage door system is also composed of rollers and panels.  As such you might have a service man check the system once in a year. Once a year inspection will help you save on total cost as compared to having the whole repair done on your garage door.

Monitor the exterior of your garage door

The exterior of your garage door is the most exposed part of your door. As such, you need to search for corrosion as it can be detrimental to your garage door. You need to clean it off and in case you own a wooden garage door, you need to lacquer it to shield it from termites.

Clean the edges of the floor

The edges of the door especially the corners where dirt, grime, dust and cobweb accumulate need to be cleaned. You will also need to remove debris that might jam the component. Also, you might want to oil the springs a little bit to prevent rust from forming i.e. carryout lubrication maintenance

Perform check-ups every three or four months

Performing check-ups every three to four months will help you catch up with any problem that might exist. This will help you avoid rushing when its too late and also help you save the costs of doing constant repairs on your garage door every now and again in CA. Professional garage door maintenance should be constantly sought from the garage door service providing companies.

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