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Sears Garage Door Service

Sears Garage Door ServiceThe Sears garage door openers are designed to perform well and to be durable. They require servicing in order to stay in good condition and to retain their original level of performance over the years. The comprehensive Sears garage door service encompasses the opener, its accessories and the door with all of its hardware.

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Installation involves the assembly and mounting of the opener and the adjustment of its travel limits and force. The safety sensors and the wall button are installed as part of the process as well. Maintenance is another service component. All parts of the automated door system are inspected. Cleaning, lubrication and testing are also done. Repair and replacement are provided when necessary. In case of damage and/or system malfunctioning, repair is made. Severely damaged or broken components are replaced. The entire door and the opener can also be replaced before they have come to the end of their useful life.


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